Rooibos Quencher


Rooibos Quencher

Summer’s here and it’s time for no-nonsense, easy-to-make scrumptious meals to entertain your family and guests. This week chef Suné Niemand shares recipes for two mouth-watering meals as well as refreshing Rooibos quencher.

500ml     boiling water
2 Rooibos tea bags
10 lemon verbena or mint leaves
Pour boiling water over the tea bags and the lemon/mint leaves. Infuse for 30 minutes (covered, cling wrap).

Sugar stock

500ml     water
250ml sugar
1 cm fresh ginger piece, peeled and crushed (add to sugar stock when the stock comes to the boil) Boil for 5 minutes, cool and add the Rooibos tea/mint infusion.

Add 1 litre clear apple juice/or berry juice, 20 ml Passion Fruit cordial and soda water with lemon slices and mint on arrival.
Optional – to make your own berry juice: pour hot sugar stock over 1 kg frozen berries – leave to cool and then blend in food processor to a pulp. Use with soda water, ice and fresh mint leafs.

For alcoholic cocktail

Add 20 ml Southern Comfort to a glass; add ice and pour the Rooibos Quencher on top.