Roodt attack: Police searching for robbers



Boschkop police in Pretoria have launched a manhunt for four robbers in connection with the attack on well-known economist and television presenter Dawie Roodt and his family last night at their smallholding.
Police spokesperson, Marissa van der Merwe, says Roodt, his wife, Marina, older daughter, Daniellé were tied up with cable ties in the living room area after Daniellé was held at gunpoint and forced into their house by the attackers when she returned from evening class at the University of Pretoria. Van der Merwe says the armed men allegedly fled by foot after Roodt managed to untie his hands while he and two of the robbers, carrying knives, were on the way to his vehicle after he told them he had money in his car. She says a fight ensued between them.
Roodt’s colleague, Willem Basson, the couple’s two year old twin daughters were also in the house. He says Roodt screamed after he managed to untie his hands and in the commotion he sustained knife wounds to the arm and head. Van der Merwe says the suspects fled with electronic ware and money that were available in the house. Police are investigating a case of house robbery and attempted murder.