Rolene Strauss encourages moms to be confident

Dr Rolene Strauss at the Macah Mother and Child Reunion hosted at the Bothanical Gardens

Ladies from all over Bloemfontein enjoyed a morning to remember with former Miss South Africa and Miss World Dr Rolene Strauss at the Botanical Gardens yesterday.
There was not a dry eye there as the beauty queen encouraged women to have confidence in all areas of their lives at the Macah Foundation Mother and Child Reunion.

The crowd, dressed in pink and white at the beautiful gardens, were also addressed by Prof Andre Venter of the Mother and Child Academic Hospital (Macah) that offers services to mothers and children from all walks of life at the University of the Free State.

“I am really fortunate to be part of the Macah Foundation and whether you are a medical student, doctor, teacher or anything else you can still learn about the way you can influence your child and learn from one another throughout their development,” said Dr Strauss.

The Foundation focusses on the first 1000 days of a child’s life from conception to 2-years-old. This early period forms the basis of a child physically, emotionally and mentally and will affect their lives as adults.

According to Prof Venter the event was a success and the proceeds go towards a worthy cause. “One of the major programmes of Macah is “Make the first 1000 days count” and what could be a better way to celebrate that than with these lovely women and a speaker like Dr Rolene Strauss talking about her journey as a female and a mother.

“We really just need to love our children and teach them and they will one day also teach us about life. It was quite an emotional experience,” added Prof Venter.
Dr Strauss expressed that women often go through periods of self-doubt even in motherhood. She emphasised that what is most important is the bond you develop with your child for their development and your confidence.

“We are good enough just the way that we are and letting yourself love that little person without trying to be perfect, is the best thing,” said Dr Straus.
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-Nomaqhawe Mtebele