Robbery: Chaos breaks loose at Mimosa

Policemen combing the scene after the robbery at HDL in Mimosal Mall this morning. PHOTO: PIETER DELPORT

Chaos broke loose at Mimosa Mall in Bloemfontein at around 09:00 this morning when an unknown number of gunmen robbed the HDL jewellery store on the ground floor of the popular shopping complex.
Mimosa Mall Centre Management said in a statement that no injuries have been reported, and staff as well as shoppers have been sent for trauma counselling.
The centre management thanked Mediclinic staff as well as other authorities for their speedy response. When Bloemfontein Courant arrived on the scene traumatised staff members were still hovering around staring at the cordoned-off crime scene in obvious disbelief.
Another eyewitness said that he saw people running frantically from the direction of the store along with the security guards. Staff members of the biltong stall situated near the store were still crying from shock after experiencing the incident. Moments later they were ushered away from the scene by members of the centre management.
One of the ladies, who was still too distraught to speak, told Bloemfontein Courant that the robbers came out of nowhere and pointed a gun at her and her colleague. She then started to scream, after which the robbers left.
The robbers apparently got away with jewellery of an undisclosed value, and escaped through the basement parking. – Molebogeng Malebo and Pieter Delport