Roads made safer this Easter


As thousands of South Africans will be travelling to their different vacation destinations or to visit family, friends and loved ones over the coming Easter holidays, several road safety awareness projects are being implemented by, among others, the Department of Police, Roads and Transport in the Free State as well as Netcare911.
These projects are aimed at preventing accidents and to improve road safety over the very busy time expected on the roads.
The 2018 Provincial Easter Road Safety Plan will today be launched by the Department of Police, Roads and Transport in the Free State at Petrus Steyn, on the R 57. The aim of this launch is to make people aware of the challenges facing motorists, passengers and pedestrians.
The emergency services provider, Netcare911, has also announced that it has implemented a project to upgrade the design of ambulances before the Easter holiday season. The visibility of the ambulances on the road will be part of its further improved road safety strategy.
Shalen Ramduth, director of business development and support services at Netcare911 said: “Nothing is left to chance in the design of these vehicles, which are equipped with the latest in emergency medical, navigation and communication technologies.
“Time is critical in any medical emergency and that is why ambulances have to get to a scene as quickly as possible. To achieve this safely, other road users need to be aware of, and give way to these emergency vehicles. This is why additional warning lights have been added to the vehicles.”