Rethabile Lenkoe writes to heal

Rethabile Lenkoe

Rethabile Lenkoe, a young social worker from Bloemfontein specialiaing in substance abuse and mental health issues, uses the power of the written word to heal and empower women who have gone through abuse.

Her latest book, Mirror, focuses on the life experiences of women, tapping into the “inherent resilience that we possess as individuals and how we can conquer what we face and discover our purpose”.
Lenkoe shares that writing her first book, Stepping Out Naked, was an emotional journey for her because she had to relive many of the painful events that had occurred in her life.
“It was difficult to write about my life in such a personal manner, because I was afraid that people would judge me. However, I was determined to be a voice to those who suffer in silence and who have shrunk back as a result of their pain and shame,” said Lenkoe.

In Mirror she features the stories of other women who have gone through traumatic events such as abuse and rape. She hopes that when people speak openly about their past, they will not only heal but also empower others who hear or read their stories.

Coming from a broken home and later losing both her parents, Lenkoe understands the importance of family. “I believe that what makes me stand out as an author, speaker and therapist, is that I allow myself to be vulnerable about my experiences and how they have shaped me. People don’t always want to know how knowledgeable you are; they want to know that you relate,” she said.

Lenkoe is also an inspiring speaker and facilitator conducting workshops and motivational sessions on areas within her expertise. She assists her clients through transformational coaching and with her vast experience also handles mediation cases.
She is the founder of Phoenix Rising Community, an organisation that aims to raise awareness on mental health issues, family mediation and creates a platform for women to network and share their triumphs and struggles.

Rethabile offers counselling services for individuals, couples and families, adventure-based therapy as well as team building sessions. For more information, send an email to

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