Resolutions can be reached



The inaugural Free State Youth Indaba held over two days outside Bloemfontein last week, was hailed a huge success by premier Ace Magashule. Speaking to Courant at the conclusion of the indaba at the Philip Saunders Holiday Resort outside the city, Magashule was satisfied that all resolutions taken at the indaba is implementable, reachable and measurable.  Education was highlighted as the main focus point during the indaba, and MEC Tate Makgwe was inundated with questions and suggestions from the floor.  “We have prioritised education, but it’s not only maths and science, but also accounting, history and our languages. The youth are saying we must teach our young ones while they are still young because we tend only to focus on the matriculants. We will move from here to implement what was proposed during the indaba,” says Magashule.  Career Guidance Centres will be established with immediate effect (one per district). Youth at the indaba also raised the need for learner support teams and the first group of indaba attendees will visit all the heritage sites in the province for this cause.  “They (youth) want to know the history of their country. They also say we must fight against drug and alcohol abuse as well as the issue of gangsterism and they will be part of that campaign and battle. In four weeks’ time we will actually meet with ex-convicts and gangsters in the entire province to educate and rehabilitate them to make them part of society,” says Magashule.  In the next four weeks, all the resolutions taken at the indaba will be revisited and in the next six months, the progress made will be evaluated.  “The indaba was very successful, motivating and we even feel younger than on the first day of the indaba. We feel inspired by these young people, they are very positive and I think their outlook on life is encouraging to all of us.”