Residents urged to be cautious during cold front


Residents in Bloemfontein are notified that due to the strong winds, no open fires or flames are allowed in the veld, while hot work like welding and grinding near grass must also be avoided.

Residents must be careful not to cause fires or burn rubbish in their backyards and are urged to be cautious when using different appliances (paraffin, gas heaters) to keep warm, during this cold front.

This due to the fact that cold temperatures are expected to continue into the middle of this week, with strong winds blowing at 30 – 39 km/h.

According to a statement by Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM), reports overtime have shown that these apparatus are the sources of most domestic fires. Members of the community are advised to take extra precautions when using any heating appliances in their homes.

These rules should be followed:

  • Switch off electric blanket before you sleep
  • Do not leave heaters unattended
  • Do not overload plugs
  • Use SABS paraffin appliances
  • Do not refill paraffin heaters while still burning
  • Do not move gas heater while still burning.
  • Don’t use open flames to check leaks on your LP gas appliances and hose pipes – use soap water.
  • Do not shake the LP gas cylinder to check level of the gas – pour tap water on the side of the cylinder and the water will freeze where the gas level is.
  • Extinguish home-made coal stove (paola) and take it outside before going to sleep.
  • Store flammable liquids in a plastic container not a glass container.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Do not dry clothes on a heater .

In cases of an emergency, residents should contact:  Mangaung Fire & Rescue on 051-409 -9600.

Sazly Hartzenberg