Residents booted out of Brandwag flats

Several tenants were removed from their respective flats in Brandwag, Bloemfontein, this morning. Photo: Moeketsi Mogotsi

At least five people were removed from their respective flats at one of the Free State Housing Company complexes in Brandwag, Bloemfontein, this afternoon.

According to the tenants they were told they are getting evicted because they have outstanding rent.

One tenant, who chose to remain anonymous, told Courant she was surprised by random men in uniform who welcomed themselves inside her flat and then removed her belongings.

“I asked them where the sheriff is so that they can explain anything to me and they said there isn’t a sheriff there but they were told to come remove everything from my flat. Then I asked if they have an eviction letter or anything and they said they didn’t have it. Then they took my things out,” she explained.

She says she then called the FRESHCO the company which privately owns the flats, and she was told that she owes three months’ worth of rent and does not qualify to stay at the flats any longer due to the fact that she has secured a new job. She says this is not the case however.

The social housing project has been developed for people with an income bracket of R1 500 – R7 500.

According to her the last time she spoke to FRESHCO she was supposed to renew her contract, the next thing she just saw herself being evicted.

Semouse Teboho said his brother’s belongings were removed and just place outside the flat while he was at work.

Teboho says the manner in which the belongings were removed is not very pleasant because they could even get stolen while they are sitting there unattended.

Moeketsi Mogotsi/Courant News