Representing SA as a true warrior

Meghan Pearl Kurama with designer Gerhardt Shebe. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

Staying true to her roots and representing her country with pride, Meghan Pearl Kurama caught the attention of every individual in the room as she was showcasing her one-of-a-kind national costume, which has been inspired by the San and the Khoi.
Kurama will be representing South Africa at the Face of Beauty pageant in the Philippines this weekend. An official send-off dinner was hosted for Kurama at the Windmill Casino on Tuesday, a lavish event that included live performances and an art auction by local talent. The dinner had more than 100 of the city’s most influential people gathered in one room to show their support for Kurama.
Kurama said she feels empowered to show this beautiful side of SA to the world. “The animal skin draws us closer to home. The Khoi idea came about when we sat down and had to decide what part of SA we were going to show off, seeing that SA is so diverse,” she said.

Meghan Pearl Kurama in her national costume PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

The national costume, designed to embrace femininity and inspire fellow South Africans to stay true and conquer their roots, was made by well-known local designer, Gerhardt Shebe.
According to Shebe, the costume that Kurama will be wearing on the big night was inspired by the people of the soil who first walked the land, the San and the Khoi. “We decided to go with the Khoisan inspiration for the national costume to bring honour to a very important part of South Africa’s history. We just want to showcase the beauty of a culture that has been forgotten over the decades. I also want to wish Meghan well, she has become like a sister to me,” said Shebe.

Free State MEC of Finance, Gadija Brown, who was one of the VIP guests at the dinner, said the life’s work of Kurama, an educator at Dr Böhmer School, is to mould and shape young people into future leaders. “Stand firm for what you believe in and make us proud. Now is your time. You have some strong, amazing women behind you. Think about that as you go out onto the international stage. Congratulations on making it this far, Meghan. You have won the admiration of many young South African women and many who aspire to be like you. Bon voyage, and make us proud,” said Brown.
Other speakers included the Director and CEO of Ace Models, Anri Powel, former Miss SA finalist, Margo Fargo, and founder and CEO of Free State Fashion Week, Candy Smith. – PIERCE VAN HEERDEN