Reneë Beck has found her purpose

Reneë Beck

What was once a dream of ‘one day I want…’ to business owner Reneë Beck, has turned into reality as she has now become an official author after releasing her first book, titled Pink Purpose. Beck is the owner of a women empowerment platform, Pink Lemon Development, which exists to connect, educate and inspire women to develop the mindset and skills they need to build the lives and businesses they love.

After the 2020 pandemic had hit, Beck was left thinking about what it is she really wanted to do. A few months later, she launched her first book. Growing up, she was always found surrounded with books, even before she could read, and later turned into an avid reader. “This has led to developing a love for words. I spent much of my younger years writing poems and song lyrics. So, I think it was inevitable that I would one day write a book,” she said.

According to her, the book is all about purpose. It was written as a result of her own pursuit and ultimate discovery of her purpose. “The readers can expect vulnerability. I share a few of my personal stories that played a role in my own purposeful journey. I also give insight into what the Bible says about your reason for being. And I also pose questions and provide answers to purposeful actions that will equip the reader to take on her own journey and awaken to her purpose.”

Beck said in an interview with Bloemfontein Courant that she is excited about the message of the book and that she feels incredibly blessed that she gets to be a messenger for what she believes will be a catalyst for the change in many women’s lives.

Pink Purpose will be released today, 28 January 2021, on Beck’s birthday. The book is available on her website or can also be ordered via the Pink Lemon WhatsApp line on 079-524-5662.

Pierce van Heerden