Remote jamming on the rise again


What was supposed to be a quick stop at the shop turned into major frustration for a middle aged woman on Friday, when her laptop was stolen from the boot of her car while shopping.

The incident happened at a grocer in Willows when the unsuspecting victim got out of her car, locked it and entered the store, never realising that the signal of her remote had been blocked by lurking criminals.

This modus operandi has been in use for some time now and consists of a jamming device being pressed at the same time as the remote of the target’s car, which leaves the car unlocked for criminals to go about their devious business.

The victim realised that she had been robben on the afternoon when she arrived home. She was astonished when she opened the boot of her car and found the laptop missing. The door locks and windows were not tampered with.

Remote jamming is nothing new and is on the increase in and around Bloemfontein. Local police once again urge the public to be vigilant and to ensure that their vehicles are securely locked before walking away. Incidents of this nature should be reported to the police immediately so that immediate investigation can be conducted.