Remembrance event to honour Life health-care staff

The nursing- and administration staff of the Life Rosepark Hospital Multi ICU participated in the minute of silence as part of Life Health-care’s remembrance event.

The Life Rosepark- and Life Pasteur Hospital hosted a remembrance ceremony yesterday.

This to celebrate and remember each and every fallen staff member, colleague, doctor, family and friend who have lost their lives due to the Covid-19 virus.

According to hospital manager of the Life Rosepark Hospital, Hein Rossouw, not only did their health-care workers participate in the activity, but doctors and patients joined in, honouring and remembering those they have lost to the pandemic. “It was an emotional experience and we are filled with gratitude.”

He further said that they want to thank in their absences all the fallen heroes and health workers who selflessly rendered their care to others.

A statement by the hospital explained that among the lives lost have been those of health workers who have played crucial roles throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, who served at the front lines. These lives are also a reminder of the ongoing dedication and service of those who continue to care for the hospitals’ patients and society at large.

The event was part of a global initiative by the Life Healthcare Group held at 11:00 across all hospitals in South Africa and across Life Health-care’s businesses in the UK and Western Europe.

 Sazly Hartzenberg