Remember the past



People always warn us not to dwell on the past. I totally agree with this. But I do think there is one exception to the rule. When we read Ps 77 v 11 the Psalmist says “I will (earnestly) recall the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will (earnestly) remember the wonders (You performed for our fathers) of old.”

In times when life seems to get us down, especially this time of year, we need to dig into the past when God has been performing miracles in our and other’s lives. I always intend to write these down into a journal but I never do. We should not be dismayed when things are difficult. God has proven so many times that He loves us and only has our best interest at heart.

The turmoil of everyday life blinds us from seeing the goodness God provides daily. Maybe in 2013 we should try to remember what God has done for us, even if it means keeping a journal. This will remind us of the truth instead of believing the lies that are sometimes imbedded into our minds and told to us by those who are blinded by their own hurt they are struggling to deal with.