Reduce electricity usage: Eskom


Christopher Motabogi

Power saving messages were given by Eskom Free State’s General Manager, Lindi Mthombeni, at a business breakfast this morning in Bloemfontein. 

She says much still needs to be done by all, including municipalities, the farming community and ordinary South Africans.

“There is no separation in the power system that says this (electricity) is going to the municipality…it just says all the customers contribute to the increase in demand,” Mthombeni told Bloemfontein courant this week.

She says the intention is to inculcate a culture of electricity savings among users and the 5-to-9 PM peak-period has been identified as the time when electricity demand is the highest.

Mthombeni says Eskom would this year, for the first time, also conduct necessary maintenance during winter. The company would have no problem with supplying power during the day, but was more concerned with the demand during the peak-hours.

Meanwhile, Eskom’s Pannetjie Rossouw says the company was also preparing to undertake a massive residential market rollout aimed at providing energy saving incentives to electricity users countrywide.

This involves Eskom incentivising electricity users to conserve energy and allowing them to choose from a “bucket of services” at no cost to them.
“They (Eskom) have a basket of products which they can offer you (the client). These include showerheads, it includes a timer which you can put on your geyser to keep the geyser out between 5 and 9 in the evenings as well as LED lights and normal energy efficient lights,” says Rossouw.

So how can you contribute to saving electricity and keeping the lights on? Eskom suggests by:
1. Switching off all geysers and pool pumps during 5-9 PM
2. Switching off all non-essential lighting
3. Finding alternatives to electrical heating; and
4. Responding to all power alert messages by switching off all appliances that are not being used