Red bakkie caught on fire at casino


A private vehicle caught fire at the Windmill Casino this morning. The red bakkie was parked in the casino parking area around 10:04 when it seemingly spontaneously caught fire.

According to Chief Fire Officer Braam van Zyl, the minor combustion could have been caused by an electrical fault. “There has not been a proper investigation but it seems like it may have been caused by an electrical fault,” said Van Zyl.

He said that the driver had entered the casino when the fire occurred. “The car was parked in the parking area. The guy left the car and then it started burning. He was called back by security.” Security personnel put out the fire with extinguishers before firemen arrived on the scene.

Windmill Casino’s Elmarie Fitzmaurice stated that nobody was injured during the flare-up, however, the driver did remove the Mahindra from the parking lot after the incident. “The fire department cooled down the vehicle upon arrival. The owner of the vehicle removed the vehicle from the parking area once it was safe to do so,” she explained. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele