Record high fuel price increase confirmed


Both grades of petrol, 93 and 95, will increase by 99c and 100c a litre respectively from midnight on Tuesday (2 October).

This brings the overall retail price of 95 ULP for motorists in Gauteng to R17.08 a litre and at the coast R16.49 per litre.

Diesel will cost you R1.24 more and paraffin will also get an increase of between R1.04 and R1.39.

LP gas is increasing by R1.79 per kilogramme which makes it another record high.

The Automobile Association (AA) said: “These increases are catastrophic for road users. They are the biggest in South African history. The major culprit is South Africa’s chaotic economic policy which has left us defenceless against upticks in international oil prices.

“The cost of doing business will go up and consumer disposable income will shrink. We don’t believe the economy could grow meaningfully under such conditions.”

Kaunda Selisho / The Citizen