Re Hola Mmoho believes in the spirit of Ubuntu

The group of young people from Re Hola Mmoho, who have donated to over 150 diff erent households in Ward 10 at Caleb Motshabi in Bloemfontein during the lockdown.

Re Hola Mmoho, a non-profit organisation (NPO), which means growing together, has been spreading love and kindness in the streets of Mangaung since the 21-day lockdown was implemented right across the country.

The group of young people have donated to over 150 different households in Ward 10 at Caleb Motshabi in Bloemfontein According to the secretary at Re Hola Mmoho, Thabo Mofokeng, they donated only soap, sanitizer and toilet paper on their fi rst campaign, but soon thereafter received food parcels from businesses who had decided to lend a helping hand. Mofokeng explained to Bloemfontein Courant that the organisation took the decision to help out in communities after issues were raised by residents in communities who were concerned about the lockdown, which would be leaving many people without food and necessities.

Residents complained that they could not stay without these commodities. It was very difficult for them to stay indoors without food and necessities such as soap, sanitizer and toilet paper. As a result Re Hola Mmoho took initiative to ask for donations from spaza shops, supermarkets and wholesalers to donate to disadvantaged communities. “Our future plan is to establish a youth centre where we can host a number of psychologists and therapists. We want to reach communities where cases of gender-based violence are mostly reported,” Mofokeng said. According to him they also want to grow from just serving the Mangaung districts to serving all other districts in Free State.

The Re Hola Mmoho NPO was established by young people who are very passionate about community development, especially for the youth. The aim is to educate young men in communities and to build a society in which men and women live together in peace and harmony. “We want to bring back the spirit of Ubuntu.” Residents in the city who would like to help this NPO in its quest to help disadvantaged communities, can contact Thabang Sejentu on 083-491-7059.

Sazly Hartzenberg