Ramaphosa urges parties to work together

President Cyril Ramaphosa, alongside Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, during his inauguration. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB

During his inaugural address as President of the seventh democratic administration, President Cyril Ramaphosa called on all political parties to set aside their differences and collaborate for the betterment of South Africa.

He underscored that South Africans had clearly communicated their expectations from their leaders and for the nation with their votes.

“[The] people of South Africa have stressed that they are impatient with political bickering and the endless blame game among politicians and political parties. They want us to put their needs and aspirations first and they want us to work together for the sake of our country,” the re-elected President said. “Today I stand before you as your humble servant to say we have heard you.”

President Ramaphosa pledged that he will be a President for all during his time in office.

“Today, I make a solemn commitment to be a President for all South Africans and not just some South Africans; to defend our Constitution and protect our democracy; to work with all those who share the dream of a better life for all; to care for the poor and the vulnerable, and to support all those who are in need; and to make our country stronger, more resilient, more equal and united,” the President affirmed.

“In their multitude, in voices that are many and diverse, the people of South Africa have voted and made known their wishes, their concerns and their expectations,” President Ramaphosa said. “We accept and respect the results of the elections and we once again say the people have spoken. Their will shall be done without any doubt or question.”


Compiled by Warren Hawkins