Ramaphosa to detail response to #Covid19 2nd wave

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation virtually on Freedom Day, 27 April 2020. PHOTO: TWITTER

Over the weekend, he met with Cabinet to discuss saving lives versus livelihoods.

The address also comes after a meeting of the national command council and the presidential coordinating council.
It’s understood Ramaphosa has also met with the governing party’s alliance partners.

It’s the economic cluster’s bid for limited restrictions versus the health and police departments concerns over capacity that Ramaphosa has to consider.

This with some provinces already concerned about the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases as the holiday season gets under way.

Ramaphosa during his last address to the nation declared three areas, two in the Eastern Cape and one in the Western Cape as hotspots.

It’s expected more areas will now join the list.

Meanwhile in Gauteng, as numbers grow, there is greater concern over how the province will cope with the return of holidaymakers in January.

Provincial spokesperson Vuyo Mhaga said the Gauteng government was already working on this.

“We will continue throughout the festive season, but we will conduct rapid tests when people come back so that we are able to mitigate the number of infections that will be coming into Gauteng.”

The Presidency is still to announce a time for Ramaphosa’s address on Monday evening.

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