Rains lead to muddy waters

Welbedacht Dam, Free State Province. Photo: SANCOLD

The municipality has issued a warning to residents that, because of the recent rainfall experienced at the Caledon River, there is high turbidity at the Welbedacht Dam. This could lead to a possible reduction in water pressure and quantities due to the muddiness in the water.

“The river and dam are full of sand and this affects operations at the water treatment works as raw water is too sandy and takes longer to purify. This calls for process controllers to reduce the outflow at the high lift pump station (purified water), and this will affect levels at the main reservoirs that are supplied by the mainline from Welbedacht to Bloemfontein,” said Mangaung spokesperson Qondile Khedama.

Khedama added that BloemWater is working around the clock to rectify the issue. – Seithati Semenokane