Rainbow seeds bring colour to Bloem


Celebrating everything the rainbow nation and the flag stand for, Rainbow Seeds will host a colour-themed picnic on 24 September starting from 10:00. The picnic will serve as an opportunity for the organisation to celebrate their allies for their cohesion and support to the LGBTIQIA+ community and to launch a new campaign.

According to the Cyber Peer Coordinator of the Free State Rainbow Seeds, Teddy B Mhlambi, the organisation will be launching its Human Rights Violation Prevention Campaign at the Visitor Information Center, opposite the Magistrate’s Court, behind the Old Presidency and the CUT.

“We are hoping to achieve not only a good attendance, but for new friends of the LGBTQIA+ movement – that have never registered nor used our services – to sign up for such benefits. These benefits include continuous support, to be initiated on PreP, to test for HIV and AIDS, and also to get referrals to their nearest health providers for STI/D screenings. We hope to have a common ground with our allies by gunning for support in all that we intend on doing throughout the year and not have them excluded due to our services having targeted LGBTQIA+ mandates and modus operandi,” says Mhlambi.

Annually the organisation hosts the Free State Pride which is focused on celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and their rights as humans, on Human Rights Day.

“We would like to host the picnic annually as a form of catching up with our clients and thanking them for their continuous support and contribution throughout the year, to source new ones in the same manner of induction, to grow our human rights violation campaign and educate more people about it, to monitor the progress of the ally campaigns and gay-education we are building, increase sexual health education programmes and broaden our psychosocial services,” Mlhambi further says.

As a non-profit organisation (NPO), we would like those in attendance to “Pay It Forward” in a sense of social and moral responsibility.  “So for this event, we are not charging an entry fee but we ask for a donation in the form of sanitary towels, stationery, canned goods, or toiletries, even though we are also not opposed to cash donations,” says Mlhambi.

For information about what each colour will represent at the picnic or for the utilisation of their services, contact Free State Rainbow Seeds on their 24-hour Whatsapp line: 078 810 1784.

Bonolo Moloi