Rain on the way, but for tomorrow only



Bloemfontein. – The central region can expect some relief from the current heat wave, with rain forecaster for tomorrow, but for tomorrow only.

According to forecaster Michael Matebane from the Bloemfontein Weather Office, there’s a low pressure system in the western part of the Western Cape, just outside Cape Town, and what it does is give a very good chance of rain over the central part of about 60 to 80 percent in the central as well as the southern Free State, including the northern part of the Eastern Cape.

“We are going to have partly cloudy to cloudy conditions and temperatures will also come down as we have had temperatures in access of 30 degrees for the past few days. This is all happening because of the north easterly wind and the cloud cover which is coming with the low, as such the chance of rain is good,” says Matebane.

Unfortunately, Matebane says, this will not last because after tomorrow the low is passing the country eastwards and then it’s back to the normal 30% of thundershowers which is very isolated.

“Temperatures will the (after tomorrow) go back to over thirties from Wednesday onwards, so the best chance for rain is basically tomorrow,” Matebane concluded.