Railway association president calls for investment in infrastructure

PRASA Group CEO, Hishaam Emeran. PHOTO: X/@PRASA_Group

The newly elected president of the Southern African Railways Association (SARA) and CEO of Prasa, Hishaam Emeran, has urged the railway transport sector in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to persist in investing in the development and maintenance of rail infrastructure within the region.

“The introduction of modern rolling stock will boost efficiencies and help divert traffic from the roads. We need to collaborate to solve shared challenges because rail transport provides both an efficient and the most affordable mode of transport for passengers and goods,” Emeran said.

He is dedicated to familiarising himself with the state of railways in the SARA region by visiting as many member countries as possible, aiming to address challenges within the sector.

“With our collective commitment to making the railway industry the preferred means of transportation for goods, services, and people – we also acknowledge that the region’s railway transport sector has not been without challenges,” he said.

Emeran mentioned that railway networks in the region have been compromised by “inadequate” and “poorly maintained” rail infrastructure and rolling stock.

Compiled by Warren Hawkins