Racism allegations investigated at Bloem primary school


SABRINA DEAN – The SA Human Rights Commission has initiated an investigation into allegations of racism at Wilgehof Primary School in Bloemfontein.
Spokesperson Isaac Mangena said it is very worrying that there are still instances of racism in our society but said it is reassuring that the complaint actually came from the parents of white children.
“We received a complaint from the parents of two white Afrikaans kids at a school in Bloemfontein. The kids basically went home and complained to their parents abut the treatment their black colleagues were receiving and the parents then diecided to bring this matter to the attention of the SA human Rights Commisiion and the Free State Education Department,” he said.
Teachers at the school have been accused of using the K word when addressing black children. Mangena also confirmed they found an old South African flag on the wall of one of the classrooms during a preliminary visit last week.
He also confirmed the presence of a photograph of former ANC youth league leader Julius Malema placed alongside pictures of baboons.