R699ers to set up petition


Duane Petrus – A petition will soon be set up in support of the tens of thousands of South Africans who have been affected by the infamous R699 per month car scheme.

This follows the Port Elizabeth High court’s decision yesterday not to grant a class action against three banks and the Satinsky group.

The affected clients initiated the class action in a bid to have their contracts with the banks declared null and void, citing irresponsible lending.

Satinsky paid clients to drive a certain number of kilometres with advertising stickers on their cars.

The deal recently fell apart have clients stopped receiving paymenst as per their agreement with Satinsky.

Don Ross, an administrator at the Facebook page “I have been done in by ‘Drive a new car for R699 per month’, says they aim to get 100 000 signatures on the petition…

“We are very unhappy with the legal system and the way it sort of turned their backs on us as poor people who could not afford the full instalments of these cars, and that is why we took this option. The decision was really a slap in the face of the average low-income earner on the road. We did not even get one day to actually present our case in court, because it was turned down before we could even get in,” Ross said.

Ross says they are planning to appeal the court’s decision.