R40 000 pay-out for striking workers

According to Samwu, Mangaung Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, offered striking workers an increase of R2500 per month as well as a payback of R40 000 for each worker during the month of July.

Local chairperson of labour union Samwu, Pule Mabena, called a meeting this morning outside the Batho Community Hall to give feedback to workers on the discussions the union had with Mangaung Metro Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli.
Mabena says in a meeting held yesterday Mlamleli suggested an increase of R2 500 per month for all workers as well as a payback of R40 000 for each worker during the month of July.
He says the union will also be pushing for the municipality to drop the court interdict it had obtained against the workers. He encouraged the union members not to stop fighting for their rights until a signed agreement between Samwu and the Mangaung Metro Municipality is presented.
Mabena says a delegation will be sent to other nearby towns that is also participating in the strike, such as Dewetsdorp and Soutpan, which form part of the metro.
Samwu will also have a general meeting with its members on Monday 19 June to discuss a way forward on these and other matters linked to the ongoing strike action.
Mlamleli was expected to hold a media briefing at the President Hotel today at 11:00 to update the public on all matters pertaining to the strike. – Pulane Choane