Queen of diet’s tips for winter


Galoome Shopane

Winter with its many layers and lack of colour brings more than cold feet and chapped hands. Gaining weight during winter is almost inevitable for many. It is normal to seek warm and comfort food during winter, but where many people go astray is with the type of comfort food they go for. The founder of the well-renowned Weigh-Less Programme, Mary Holroyd, has mastered the art and skill of losing weight and has been keeping her weight down for 44 years. Holroyd has recently visited the City of Roses and Bloemfontein Courant caught up with her to get some diet tips for the coming winter.

"Winter is the time when we cover up and are not always conscious of what happens to our bodies," says Holroyd. Even though most foods are healthy, depending on the preparation, Holroyd says soups are the go-to food for winter. Soup warms you up and keeps weight gain at bay. If you’re struggling to get the motivation to start the life-changing journey this winter, preparing for a light and bright summer, "look in the mirror and jump up and down. If anything moves you know you have to do something," Holroyd explains. For effective winter activities she recommends lunge  exercises which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The winter season requires the layering of clothing to keep the cold away, but by the time summer comes, the winter clothes go off. That is when you’re faced with the uphill battle of shedding the accumulated weight. "As you don’t go out in winter as often as
you usually do," Holroyd says, "be cautious about bulking-up on starchy food; load them during the course of the day rather than at night."

Winter need not be an inevitable weight-gaining season; it can also be a great time to prepare for the body you want in summer. “Please use this winter as a platform – for what you do in winter, you wear in summer,” Holroyd urges.