Public violence investigated after looting of truck on R702

The looted truck was towed away after it was left empty on the R702

A truck transporting maize meal and flour on the R702 next to the Phomolong Informal Settlement in Mangaung, was looted last night by residents who continued to protest throughout the night.

Bloemfontein Courant yesterday reported that angry community members took to the streets to show their discontent with the manner in which the government has dealt with their issues.

Police Spokesperson, Colonel Thabo Covane, said the truck, which was on its way to Sterkspruit, was stopped at the barricaded road and subsequently looted by protesters. “The truck was on its way to Sterkspruit to deliver maize meal and flour. The frightened driver ran away from the scene,” said Covane.

He added that although members of the Public Order Police Unit patrolled the area, the protesters adopted a “hide-and-seek strategy”. “They hid in the veld and observed the patrol vehicle with blue lights and used a whistle to indicate that the police vehicle had passed and mobilised each other,” said Covane.

Truck batteries were also stolen during the incident. Towing services were called to the scene to tow away the empty truck. Covane added that no further arrests have been made after the looting incident.

Pierce van Heerden