Protest action on Dewetsdorp road in FS

Police have confirmed protest action on the Dewetsdorp road, just outside Bloemfontein in the Free State.

According to a police spokesperson, the road was barricaded by rocks and burning tyres on Tuesday morning, and motorists are urgently asked to use other roads.

Meanwhile, OFM News learned from a source who was on the scene late last night, that a light motor vehicle was involved in an accident, in the same vicinity. It is yet to be established if the incidents are related, but according to information and photographs received, it is alleged the car accident occurred in the same area, where am oversized steel pipe was placed in the road – ostensibly by community members, completely barricading the street.

The vehicle hit the pipe, and it is alleged four people, including two toddlers, were in the car and sustained injuries. They were treated on the scene and taken to a hospital.

 OFM News is awaiting further information as this is a developing story.

OFM News