PROMOTION: Specialising in the love of coffee

The royal space where coffee lovers can experience the 'slow bar'.

The art and craftsmanship of coffee is what led a group of four friends to endeavour the world of coffee. Royal Roastery, a premium coffee roastery situated in the heart of the Free State and Central South Africa, has made its mark on local coffee lovers since 2015.

For those who have visited a Royal Coffee House at @The Park Centre in Langenhoven Park in Bloemfontein, it won’t be strange when you are asked what coffee origin you would like in your cup today. The Royal Roastery team, with the work of their baristas, ensure that only the best single origin coffee is extracted and served each time. Their focus is to take many different coffee origins and roast it to perfection, ensuring that the flavour notes and characteristics of each coffee is provided.

What sets the Royal Roastery apart from others in the city, is their Slow Bar. As a customer walks into the shop, they are encouraged to try this unique coffee experience. “The slow bar is where you get a true coffee experience. The coffee is manually brewed, while the barista gives a presentation explaining the brewing process.” explains Chantelle Minnie from Royal Roastery Sales and Marketing Manager. Customers can come in for this special presentation. “We don’t just want to make a cup of coffee. We really believe in the process behind it by educating our customers about coffee – from sourcing to roasting to producing the perfect cup.”

For the Royal team, it’s not just about serving the best possible premium single origin coffee, but doing so with a smile and a side of education. -Seithati Semenokane