Promotion: Get that summer body, act now


Not everyone has the time to exercise and visit the gym every day, especially if you have a demanding lifestyle. This, unfortunately, makes you neglect your health, weight and your way of living in general. If only there was something to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight without having to break your back, the good news is: The Diet Everyone Talks About can help you!

The Diet Everyone Talks About is a programme offered by Bloemfontein Diet Clinic, which has been in business for 30 years and offers the best solution to a healthy lifestyle change. The diet programme started in 1989 and was introduced to the Bloemfontein public at a pharmacy in Universitas back in the days. Since then The Diet Everyone Talks about has been introduced by other clinics countrywide. T

he programme is popularly known by its clients as not merely a diet but a lifestyle change, which helps with weight loss and a number of health issues. The diet is safe for everyone to follow and is suitable for the young and old alike, in fact, to everyone who wants to make a change. It is known to help with various aspects, including fighting hunger; balancing blood and sugar levels; it is safe for diabetic; it reduces cholesterol; it is personally adaptable; no weighing or measuring food; long-term results.

What sets The Diet Everyone Talks About apart from other diets is the long-term results and the fact that you can adapt the diet to suit your lifestyle. There are a variety of products and programmes to help you reach your dream weight. Join the Diet Clinic Bloemfontein at the Women’s Memorial Museum on the 3rd of August 2019 for a Women’s Day Market, hosted by MedFM.

For more information, visit to find a branch near you or to visit us for a free consultation at Bloemfontein Diet Clinic, 62 Louw Wepener Street, Dan Pienaar, tel. 051-436-2330/079-839-3480.