PROMOTION: Everyday car symptoms you shouldn’t ignore


Remember Duncan?duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

After successfully fixing his flat tyre while on the way to propose to his girlfriend, Duncan drives straight to his local Dunlop Zone in Umhlanga to make sure that there are no additional problems. A quick check on the car by an expert reveals that Duncan has not rotated his tyres in a while.

Tyre rotation

Your car’s engine is very likely to be located over the front axle. “What does this mean for my tyres?” Duncan asks. “Well, due to the weight of the engine over the front axle, your front wheels tend to bear more weight than the rear wheels. “This is why tyre rotation is so important,” the Dunlop Zone expert explains. Regularly rotating your tyres evens out the tyre tread and helps them last longer. Because Duncan hadn’t rotated his wheels after every 8,000 kilometres to 10,000 kilometres, as recommended, his wheels had begun to shudder. Shuddering also leads to increased road noise. A worn-out tyre tread makes Duncan realise that if his wheels had deteriorated any further, not only would he have been putting his life at risk, but also that of his fiancée if she was a passenger. Frequent tyre rotation also saves money, which Duncan can put towards his wedding day.

Wheel alignment

Duncan then remembers how his car had been veering off the road before his puncture, and after explaining this to the expert, his wheel alignment is checked. A few weeks ago, Duncan had driven over a pothole at speed, and his car started to pull towards one side from time to time while driving. This, the Dunlop Zone expert explained, was another symptom of wheels that were out of alignment. His wheels were re-aligned, and stopped his tyres from wearing down unevenly. In some cases, tyre wear can be so bad that the tyres go bald over time! Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, you should get your tyre alignment checked.

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Increased fuel consumption

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Car pulling to one side

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Car ‘fighting’ against your steering wheel Wheel alignment is therefore important in reducing tyre wear, and ensures that your car travels straight.

Wheel balancing

With all the wedding planning and stress on his mind, Duncan has had a hard time staying composed. However, as the Dunlop Zone experts reveal, it’s not just Duncan’s mind that veering off course, but his wheels, too. The wheels on Duncan's car have been wobbling from side-to-side, especially at very high speeds.

Not too sure if your wheels are out of balance? Look out for the following symptoms:

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Vibration in the steering wheel at certain highway speeds.

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Vibration in the seat or floorboard at certain highway speeds.

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Scalloped or cupped wear pattern on the tires Balancing his wheels puts Duncan’s mind at ease, not only because he can use his time to focus on his wedding planning, but because he’s also saved a ton on fuel and extra tyres that he may have had to replace. With his tyres now in tip-top condition, Duncan and his fiancée can focus on their upcoming nuptials. For more tyre care tips and advice, follow Dunlop on Twitter and Facebook, and click here to download your free Dunlop Zone Tyre Tips booklet. Why not join us in our conversation! Share your tips and advice by tweeting and including the following hashtag: