PROMOTION: Every wheel on your car tells a story


Wedding venue? Check. Dresses and suits? Check. DJ, photographer and cake? Check. And not forgetting the all-important wedding ring. Check! It's down to the last few days before Duncan and Petunia tie the knot, and it's vitally important that everything runs smoothly. Duncan is on a mission to collect Petunia's wedding ring from the jeweller when he realises that he needs to change his tyres, especially after their last risky encounter on the roads. Without the slightest idea of where to begin, Duncan pops into his local Dunlop Zone one day on his way home to Westdene for some advice on replacing his car's rubber. "Just as your wedding ring indicates that you're married to someone, the markings on your tyres tell a story too," the Dunlop Zone expert explains. Duncan notices the following series of numbers and letters on his tyre:

225 / 45 R 17 94 S

"What do these markings mean?" Duncan asks.

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Tyre width – 225

Simply put, this refers to the width of the tyre in centimetres. duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Sidewall height – 45

This isn’t an absolute measurement, but instead indicates the sidewall height as a percentage of the tyre width. duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Radial-ply construction – R

Radial-ply construction was first patented in 1915 and is now the standard tyre design for wheels on passenger vehicles, as it allows for better fuel economy and ride comfort, as opposed to other tyre designs. DUNLOP_WEEK_4_4

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Rim diameter – 17

Wheel rim sizes range anywhere from 14" right up to – believe it or not – 40". Duncan's wheels clock in at the reasonable end of the scale at 17 inches. duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Load index – 94

The load index can also be considered a 'weight rating,' as it determines how much weight the tyres are able to carry. A load index of 94 means that Duncan's tyres can carry up to 670kgs. duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Speed rating – S

Last but not least, the speed rating tells us the speed that the tyres are capable of achieving. In perfect conditions, Duncan could go up to 180km/h, with his tyres rated 'S'. Remember that despite these speed ratings, you are still required to observe the national speed limit of 120km/h. duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy

"Think about sidewall markings as unique identifiers, similar to the identification numbers that you and I possess," the Dunlop expert says.

With Duncan's tyres replaced, he can safely continue with his wedding preparation and sort out any other last-minute tasks. It's only a matter of days before he ties the knot with Petunia! For more tyre care tips and advice, follow Dunlop on Twitter and Facebook, and click here to download your free Dunlop Zone Tyre Tips booklet. Why not join us in our conversation! Share your tips and advice by tweeting and including the following hashtag:  – Caxton Central