Promotion: Dinky gives children a foundational boost


Dinky Early Childhood Development Centre aims to build a stable foundation in the educational growth of every child about whom it cares. The centre was established 25 years ago by Pauline Rose Browne, out of her passion for children and their development.

Now located at 5 Clarens Street, Bayswater, Dinky Early Childhood Development Centre enrols less than 40 children at a time, which ensures a ratio of 1 teacher to about 10 children with our staff which consists of Pauline, Kiel, Margret and Sarah.  This is in line with its hands-on and individual centred approach to childcare and education.

The centre welcomes children from 4 months up to 6 years, while aftercare is available for children of various ages, until Grade 5. “When children are smaller, they need much more one-on-one attention and the more of that time that we can give them, the better they become. The more encouragement they receive, the better they are able to learn,” said teacher Kiel Hilton Brown.

“Schools require that a child must already have been taught and disciplined by the time he or she enters Grade 1. When children get to us, they are at their most vulnerable, this is when we mould them into their best selves while teaching them the alphabet, numbers and other basics,” said Kiel

Dinky Early Childhood Development Centre believes in not just meeting the needs of children but parents as well. “We are here for the child and the parents. Through working together we can greatly improve their child’s life. There are a million ways to teach and here we try out different methods to find one that will benefit the child most,” expressed Kiel

Children are grouped according to their age where 4-month-olds to 3-year-olds will work on language development, fine and gross motor development, and personal/social skills development. They take part in activities that are designed for learning and enjoyment.

At the centre children are adapted to the structure of school while widening their world through play and nutrition. “We have a schedule for meals so that they have structure throughout the day, but we don’t serve the same meals, so that they can be exposed to as many healthy foods tastes and different food textures as possible,” said Kiel.

Children aged 4 to 5 are Pre-Kindergarteners whose lessons focus on emergent reading and phonemic awareness as well as emergent writing and spelling among others. Students 5 to 6 are taught in a two-part programme that includes a daily programme, planning the indoor and outdoor area, choosing suitable content, multicultural and anti-bias education.

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