Promotion: CTU BFN fastest on the field

PHOTO: Tarryn Swartz

CTU Bloemfontein Campus is bringing about many exciting changes to its campus next year. These changes include taking hands with the Toyota Cheetahs, as well as a brand new campus that is coming to the City of Roses in 2021.

The institution has announced the extension of its tertiary education offerings to specific Diploma and Higher Certificate qualifications, including Visual Communication and IT Network Design and Administration.

The Open Day, hosted on the 12th of October 2019, yielded much success for the campus and for the students. Under the theme of “Welcome to the light”, students displayed their work at the Annual Exhibition and Open Day this past weekend.

The CTU branch manager, Ursula Spruew, said that these exhibitions are crucial as the students of CTU are very practically inclined and get the opportunity to showcase what they have done thus far. “What normally happens, is that it opens up doors for our students as company owners come and see what they can offer, creating future employability. Many of our students have received offers from companies this year,” she said.

“School-leavers attending can then also get a better understanding of what the qualifications are about”, she added.

The Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence was established in 2015 and since its inception, no less than 31 institute players have received contracts for the Toyota Cheetahs’ senior rugby team.

A very big emphasis is put on the holistic development of the players.

The Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence is operated and managed by UXI Sport and has appointed CTU Training Solutions as the private tertiary education provider, specialising in full-time and part-time studies. Unique pathways will be created to ensure employability of rugby athletes. According to Spruew, the athletes’ education programmes are built around the rugby athlete and building his career within the sporting environment.

This institute was established as a development centre which specifically focuses on position and individual development of the players. During the players’ time at the institute they are introduced to the Cheetahs style of play, coaching philosophies and the culture of the team.


Registrations for 2020 are now open for students wishing to further their career in rugby.  Spruew told Bloemfontein Courant that the new campus will be centrally situated and convenient for students. The home of CTU Bloemfontein will have added attributes to suit the modern day student life such as a gym, canteen, laundromat and student accommodation.

Sazly Hartzenberg