Principal bids farewell to girls in green

Maureen Dale

Mrs Maureen Dale will bid farewell to Eunice Girls’ Primary School after more than 24 years of hard work and dedication as principal.
Her journey as principal started on 1 July 1993 and will end officially on 31 December 2017.
When visited by Bloemfontein Courant, Dale spoke about how she loved the adrenaline that was associated with being part of the school for so long. “I also loved the events that happened on a daily basis. The demand for good relationships with the school, including teachers and parents, contributed to the success of the school,” she said.
Not only was Dale the principal for many years, but everyone considered her as a mother or grandmother. She has been known as a loving, warm soul who allows every individual to feel special and welcome. Eunice and Dale are regarded as family away from home.
This remarkable woman believes in making a difference. “If there is one thing that I have learnt at Eunice, it is to make a difference in the life of everyone who comes across my space.”
Dale has been involved in so many milestones, including both the 120th and 140th birthday of Eunice. She also implemented a few annual events that children, parents and teachers look forward to. She started the well-known Project Week in 1998. This event has grown to be a big success every year. The annual Read-a-thon and a full Mathematics day are some of the newly implemented events that contribute to the richness of education and learning of the children.
She has not only invested in the education of the children, but also considers herself a sport maniac. The school’s hockey, swimming and netball activities are special to her and never fail to bring great excitement.
Among the hundreds of girls who have joined the Eunice family, a cat and a dog also became part of the school. In 2007 a ginger cat started going to Eunice every day and quite recently a dog also visited the school regularly.
Dale has no future plans as yet. “I want to devote my time to my child, my grandchild as well as my husband. If my grandchild has a play, I can now attend, which I could not do before because of my own responsibilities at Eunice,” Dale said.
Her advice to the next principal, or anyone else: “You must dedicate your life in making a difference in the life of a child. Always be truthful, honest and stay the same on a daily basis. Remember that happiness is contagious and rubs off on everyone.”
Dale is not planning on staying away from the girls in green. She will still pay them a visit at various events, including sporting events, prize giving as well as concerts.
She has enjoyed being the principal of this lovely school and said it’s actually not that much different from being a teacher. “The only thing that makes a principal different from being a teacher, is the fact that you are taken from the classroom,” she added.
Many old Eunice girls as well as parents feel that Dale is truly an example of the Eunice Motto “Vincit qui se vincit – she conquers who conquers herself”.
Eunice’s Mrs Dale said goodbye with the following words, “Remember to always create opportunities for all and to promote growth.”