Primary schools invited to improve mathematics


Primary schools are being invited to register for the annual NESTLÉ NESPRAY South African Mathematics Challenge from now until 5 March. Schools are encouraged to enter for this fun and exciting way of learning mathematics.

It will empower learners from grade 4 to 7 and help them become independent, creative and critical thinkers who are able to interpret and critically analyse situations. According to Nestlé Nespray, the challenge aims to improve problemsolving and critical thinking skills.

The challenge commenced in 1977 and has since contributed towards improving the quality of mathematics results for many primary schools. The statement added that 2020 saw over 1000 schools and ± 90 000 learners from all over the country participating in the challenge.

The NESTLÉ NESPRAY South African Mathematics Challenge is recognized as one of the best vehicles to promote the importance of mathematics at primary school level. The challenge is also endorsed by the Department of Basic Education as a national competition.

The participation will result in improving learners’ mathematical knowledge and the understanding of problem-solving concepts For entries into the NESTLÉ NESPRAY South African Mathematics Challenge, schools may email Thabo at or Patrick at to request an entry form.

Sazly Hartzenberg