President’s reshuffling not coming to provinces


President Cyril Ramaphosa’s reshuffling announcement is not going to set the tone for provinces to follow suit.

OFM News reports, this is according to political analyst at the University of the Free State (UFS), Sethulego Matebesi. He says the president did not have a choice, given the vacancies in his cabinet, and had to reshuffle his cabinet. Matebesi says although the situation in the Free State is of concern, the changes on national level are not going to ripple down to the provinces.

“There is an expectation that things have to change, because you can’t have a PEC (Provincial Executive Council) which technically is actually illegal and then you leave it untouched. So there will be changes in the Free State at a later stage, but I don’t think that will be closely linked to what is happening at national level,” he explained.

Matebesi says despite the political situation in the province, the president won’t intervene in the province.  “I don’t know whether our current president does have aspirations for a second term and if he has, he would have tried to strengthen his position in the provinces.

He says if the president did have such plans, the situation in the Free State would have been “a glorious opportunity for him” to do that (stringing his position).

But, says Matebesi, “our current president is about posturing, taking time with certain decisions and believe in consultation, so “I don’t think this (reshuffling) will ripple down to the province”.  Matebesi says the president will thus not intervene on a provincial level unless such a request comes from the ANC provincial leadership.

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OFM News earlier reported that the spokesperson for the Interim Provincial Committee (IPC), Oupa Khoabane, dismissed stubborn rumours about an imminent provincial cabinet reshuffling. He said a reshuffling will only be on the table if the provincial government or the premier approaches this interim committee with a request to consider one.

OFM News/Cathy Dlodlo