#PrellerSquareShooting: Well-known businessman, high-ranking government official to testify

Louis Siemens
A well-known Bloemfontein businessman and a high-ranking government official are on the list of people the state may call to testify in the murder trial of slain CityMed Managing Director, Louis Siemens.

In the finalised indictment, the state names 52 people it is planning on calling up to testify in the murder trial of the eight men accused of plotting and carrying out the murder. Siemens was gunned down in the basement parking area of Preller Square in broad daylight on Thursday, 10 May 2018. The alleged shady dealings that took place between the deceased and accused number one, Stanley Bakili, for hospital licences, forms the background of the murder case.

Accused number two to eight are alleged to have played various roles in mapping and carrying out the murder, from intimidating phone calls to renting out the vehicle that was used to transport the now convicted assassin, Xolisile Mbebetho, and his alleged accomplice, Mojalefa Molosi – accused number four in the matter.

The murder trial is expected to begin on 28 October 2019 and will run for at least five weeks.