#PrellerSquareShooting suspect to apply for bail next month

The suspect that was arrested in Bloemfontein in connection with the murder of the Managing Director of CityMed Louis Siemens now also face an additional charge of domestic violence.

This came to light in the Local Magistrates court today where the case was again postponed for bail application.

Stanley Bakili who was allegedly a business associate of the deceased, was arrested just a few hours after Siemens was gunned down in the basement parking of Preller Square.

The state prosecutor in the case earlier said Bakili had been linked to the shooting through CCTV footage. The state is expected to oppose bail on June 7.

Bakili will now spend another week behind bars until then. Police spokesperson, Thandi Mbambo, earlier this week told OFM-news that the police are still on the lookout for more suspects.

She says there are leads but could not provide more information as the investigation is in a sensitive stage.

Mark Steenbok / OFM News