#PrellerSquareShooting: Key witness blame police for half statement


The state’s key witness in the murder of Bloemfontein businessman Louis Siemens, on Monday continued to blame the police official for not mentioning important facts in his sworn statement about the death of Siemens.

OFM News reported the confessed shooter, Xolisile Botha Mbebetho, on Monday 12 April continued with his testimony during his cross-examination in the Free State High Court and blames a police official for omitting some of the things had said previously.

Advocate Dawie Reyneke, representing Mojale Jali Molusi, who was allegedly with Mbebetho during the shooting of Siemens, continued to poke holes in the shooter’s statement on events that occurred before and after the death of the deceased at Preller Square basement on May 10, 2018.

Amongst the other contradictions, Reyneke quizzed Mbebetho on varying roles allegedly played by a man believed to be the mastermind behind the murder, Stanley Bakili, and Molusi, days before Siemens was killed and on the day of his murder. Mbebetho says the statement that a murder weapon was handed over to them at the basement is a mistake but it was rather given to them outside the basement where the getaway car was parked.

Reyneke also quizzed Mbebetho on the alleged plan to take Siemens’ phone after he was shot to make it look as if it was a robbery. But Mbebetho says that was not part of his plans. He says robbing Siemens of his phone after his murder was Bakili’s plans and not his.

OFM News previously reported that Mbebetho denied that he was contradicting himself and blamed a police official who wrote down his statement, for not writing what he told him to. Bakili and seven other men are in the dock for the murder of Siemens. The cross-examination of Mbebetho continues.