Preller shooting ‘might be a hit’


Police are investigating the possibility that the shooting of a well-known resident of Bloemfontein at the Preller Square shopping centre this afternoon might be a well-executed hit, and not a robbery as previously suspected.

The victim died in the shooting that sent shock waves through the Bloemfontein community. Bloemfontein Courant reported earlier that three men confronted the deceased in the basement parking area of the shopping centre, after which he was fatally wounded.

A high-ranking police officer told Bloemfontein Courant earlier this evening that they are looking for a white Polo with a CA registration number that was spotted at the shopping centre earlier today. Police have requested residents who might have seen, or has information about the vehicle, to contact their nearest police station or call 10111.

Apparently police are also eager to speak to a gentleman with whom the deceased was allegedly seen drinking coffee at the shopping centre before the shooting occurred.

Police, who were still combing the scene for pieces of evidence this evening, apparently also arrested a man in a Jeep, who parked in front of the shopping centre in the early evening.

The man, whose vehicle has a Northern Cape registration number, allegedly had an extra set of Free State number plates in the car. At this stage it is not clear if the arrest is linked to the shooting incident.

Investigation into the incident will continue into the night. – Jeretha Oosthuizen and Christel Basson;