Prayer meeting to be hosted in Senekal


The community of Senekal has been invited to a special mass prayer meeting tomorrow, which will be hosted by the fraternity of ministers in the area.

According to Pr John Mathuhle, the purpose of this meeting is to pray for unity and peace despite racial differences.

They are calling upon everyone to join them in praying for peace, unity and justice . All community members and leaders, as well as the media are invited to join the prayer meeting.

“The hovering of racial tensions should not be allowed to divide our beautiful Senekal. The unfortunate court case of the killing of Brendin Horner has left the small town bruised and emotionally battered,” he explained.

They have requested that no political regalia be worn to the meeting that will take place at Show ground Senekal at 13:00.

For further information, Mathuhle can be contacted on 073-378-0415 or Pr Stefan 082-386-7675.

Sazly Hartzenberg