Powerlifters to flex their muscles in Groenvlei

Janko Kruger, matriculant at Grey College, is the Sub Junior U83kg SA Powerlifting Champion 2021, the Sub Junior U83kg Africa Champion 2021, the Overall Sub Junior All Africa Powerlifting Championships 2021, as well as the MPG Elite Athlete. PHOTO: MPG ONLINE

Some 30 local athletes will get the opportunity to flex their muscles in the Free State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships 2022 to be held at the Novel Wellness Centre in Groenvlei on Saturday, 19 February.

The Championships, which will start at 10:00, is an annual event and is the qualifying competition for the SA Powerlifting Championships as well as the SA Bench Press Championships.

According to Ricardo Barreto of MPG Online, the organisers of the event, the Championships consist of three main movements – the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. All the athletes will have three attempts each to lift the heaviest weight possible.

“Our main aim with the Championships is to provide the athletes with a platform to qualify for national championships and to compete on a regular basis. We also want to promote health and fitness and grow strength sports in the region.

“We host regular powerlifting workshops to help athletes get accustomed to the rules and how the competition works. Due to Covid-19 we did not get that opportunity last year. However, the workshops will definitely resume this year,” said Barreto.

The categories are divided into male and female, as well as age groups – from sub junior, junior, open class, and the masters divisions. They are further broken down into weight classes.

“There is no qualifying needed to compete at the Championships. It is open to all – from beginners and first time competitors to elite athletes. We have a great mix of young and old, men and women competing this year,” added Barreto.

Pieter Delport