Potholes in Mangaung causing anger


Residents of the Chris Hani and Freedom Square communities in Mangaung say the municipality is failing them in many ways.
“We have complained about this road for so long now but no one seems interested in what we have to say. There are potholes here that are very hard to manoeuvre and because the road is so small, sometimes we have no option but to drive straight into the potholes because traffic does not allow for one to stand until the oncoming car has passed so you switch lanes and drive on the better side of the road,” Thabo Mokoena says.
The unnamed road connects these communities to the Dewetsdorp road which leads from Bloemside to Singonzo Street, in Phelindaba.
Another resident, Ntsebo Mosia, says: “There is always water flowing onto the streets. When it is raining it is worse because the street gets flooded and to make matters worse, there is grass here which makes it hard to pass through to go to our homes as we end up wet and dirty from the mud.”
Mosia says she feels like these two communities are being marginalised because they are poor. “If we had money and jobs, they would be in a hurry to make sure that they attend to our complaints. We have complained for many years now, but our pleas have fallen onto deaf ears”, Mosia says.
Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, could not be reached for comment on the matter. – Pulane Choane