Polio vaccinations still being administrated



Pharmaceutical experts have set the record straight and are urging people to still get their polio vaccination as scheduled.

This comes after speculation that patients are being given expired vaccinations.

Bloemfontein Pharmacologist Blenn Eager says it is within the patient's right to demand to see the expiry dates of the vaccines before intake.

He further adds that in Bloemfontein the vaccines are currently not expired but very limited in terms of using them. The rationale behind this is that there will be a national switch day on April 13 next year where the current vaccine being used, will be stopped throughout the country.

"People can still go for the polio vaccination at the local pharmacies or clinics in the Free State, but there is going to be a change from next year April. It is imperative that people get the vaccination on time and it doesn't help stopping because there is going to be a change in the vaccine as well," he says.

Meanwhile, the city’s Medi-Clinic spokesperson Amanda Applegryn says they have not experienced any hiccups with vaccinations and procedures are going smoothly.