Police deployed for biker funeral


Duane Petrus – Bloemfontein police will be deployed this weekend to curb any violence as bikers from all over the country descend to the funeral of a murdered fellow biker.

Reliable sources have confirmed that the Tactical Response Team and other units will be on standby during Michael Jacobs’ funeral, who was shot five times this past weekend.

Another biker, Jakobus du Toit, appeared in the magistrate court today in connection with the murder.

Various media reports have this past week suggested that a war between bikers from various clubs is currently brewing.

Du toit revealed to the court that he has heard rumours that there are numerous people who plan to cause him harm.

He added that plenty of people who are concerned about his safety have offered him secret accommodation around and outside Bloemfontein.

Du toit’s appeal application has been postponed to next week Thursday.