Police arrest over 1000 suspects in Free State


The police in the Free State have arrested more than 1000 suspects during its high-density operation, Operation Shanela.

According to police spokesperson, Mahlomola Kareli, the seven-day report highlights the success of the men and women in blue, working together with their communities.

“Community participation in the fight against crime continues to bear good results, as 77 people were arrested for drug-related crimes, which led to drugs such as Mandrax, nyaope, cocaine, and dagga being confiscated,” said Kareli.

He added that one rifle and eight handguns were confiscated after five suspects were arrested for the illegal possession of firearms, about 30 people were arrested for malicious property damage, and 24 suspects were arrested for burglaries.

“Contact crimes, as one of the most common crimes in our province, prompted members to intensify stop and search actions. Their actions resulted in the arrest of 160 for assaults and through stop and search operations, 59 suspects were brought to book for possession of dangerous weapons and 74 undocumented persons were arrested,” said Kareli.

He further said that gender-based violence incidents are a recurring issue and that the detectives were hard at work as 429 people who were on their radar were traced and arrested. This also led to a total of five suspects being arrested for rape and one taken in for attempted rape.

“Multi-disciplinary roadblocks were held throughout the province and 61 drivers were arrested for driving while under the influence of liquor. A total of 144 others were arrested for contravention of the Traffic Act,” Kareli concluded.

Compiled by Justine Fortuin