Platform created for local artists



Gallery on Leviseur is hosting a special exhibition for local art lovers with work by local artists. The Bloemfontein group exhibition titeld Wunderkammern, is an initiative by Gallery on Leviseur to get local talent showcased.
Owner Fran de Gouveia and curator Kézia Gerber, say they want the gallery to be a place for local artists to be uplifted. They intend to make this exhibition an annual one.

Some of the artists involved with this exhibition are Margaret Gradwell, Martie Bitzer, Kobus Lotz, Hein du Plessis, Jan Smit, Kézia Gerber, Victor Geduldt and Anton Roodt.

"We want to create a platform where local creatives can gain some exposure. So often we buy ‘art’ for our homes that are mass made and made without love. Our aim here is to encourage people to support their local artists. Buy a piece of art that is original, and in doing so, allow an artist to buy some bread and pay their rent! Let’s keep our talent here by creating a living for them."
This exhibition will run until

19 December 2014. The gallery is open for viewing from Tuesday – Friday from 08:00 till 16:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 till 14:00.